HicksNicola Hicks was born in London in 1960. She studied at Chelsea School of Art and completed postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art. In 1995 she was awarded an MBE for her contribution to the visual arts. Nicola hicks’ sculpture and drawings have been presented in numerous international museums and galleries and she has completed several public commissions including large scale sculptures at Schoental Monastery. Over 2013 Hicks has had work included in a Hayward Touring exhibition culminating at The Venice Biennale, exhibited at St Paul’s Cathedral, and had a solo exhibition at The Yale Center of British Art.





2018                         Nicola Hicks, Flowers, New York

                                     Nicola Hicks, Tayloe Piggott Gallery, Wyoming USA

2017                         Wabbling Back to the Fire, Flowers East, London

2015                         Pause, Flowers, Cork Street, London                        

                                     Nicola Hicks, Tayloe Piggott Gallery, Wyoming USA

                                     Sorry Sarajevo, St Pauls Cathedral

2014                          Nicola Hicks, Flowers Cork Street 

2013-2014            Nicola Hicks, Yale Centre for British Art, New Haven, United States

2013                          Nicola Hicks, Flowers, New York

2012                         Close Up, Flowers Cork Street, London

2011                         Aesop’s Fables, Flowers Kingsland Road, London

2010                         Nicola Hicks, Cliffe Castle Museum Keighley, Bradford

                                     Nicola Hicks, Lister Park, Cartwright Hall, Bradford

2009                         A Walk in the Park, Flowers Cork Street, London

2008                        Circus, Flowers, Cork Street, London

2007                         Nicola Hicks, Flowers, New York

                                     Nicola Hicks, Eden Rock Hotel, St Barts

                                     Animal Etchings, Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Yarralumla, Australia

2006                        Monuments to Love, Flowers East, London

                                   Nicola Hicks, New Grafton Gallery, London 

                                   Nicola Hicks, Newby Hall, Yorkshire 

                                   Sculpture Schoenthal Monastery, Langenbuck, Switzerland

2005                       Drawings, Flowers, Cork Street, London

                                  Nicola Hicks, Abbott Hall, Kendal

2004                      Nicola Hicks, Flowers, New York

2003                     Sculpture, Drawings and Prints, Flowers & Flowers Graphics, London

2002                     Nicola Hicks, Flowers Cork Street, London

2001                     Nicola Hicks, Flowers West, Santa Monica, California

1999                     Nicola Hicks, Flowers West, Santa Monica, California

                                  Nicola Hicks, Galerie Rachlin Lemarie-Beaubourg, Paris

                                  Outrageous Fortune, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

                                  Nicola Hicks, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

1998                     Outrageous Fortune, Flowers East, London

1997                     Nicola Hicks, Riverside Studios, London

                                 Nicola Hicks, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Quebec

                                 Nicola Hicks, Art 28 ‘97, Basel Nicola Hicks, Belloc Lowndes Fine Art

1996                    Nicola Hicks, Aberystwyth Arts Centre

                                 Nicola Hicks, Flowers East, London Fields, London

                                 Furtive Imagination, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester;

                                 Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield

1995                    Nicola Hicks Sculpture and Drawings, Djanogly Art Gallery, University of  Nottingham

1994                    Nicola Hicks, Flowers, London Fields, London

1993                    Nicola Hicks, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster

                                 Nicola Hicks, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

1992                    Flowers East, London

1991                    Fire and Brimstone, Flowers East, London and Watermans Art Centre, Brentford

                                 Drawings, Nicola Hicks, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway

1990                    Envelope Drawings and Small Paintings, Flowers East.   

                                 Nicola Hicks, The Economist, London

1989.       .           Nicola Hicks, Flowers East, London.      

1988                    Nicola Hicks, Flowers East, London

1987                    Nicola Hicks, Beaux Arts, Bath

1986.                   Nicola Hicks, Angela Flowers (Ireland) Inc., Co. Cork

                                  Nicola Hicks, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

1985                    Nicola Hicks, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

1984.                   Artist of the Day, Angela Flowers Gallery, London



2018                    Push the Boat Out, The Art Academy, London

2017                    Mono: An Exhibition of Unique Prints, Flowers East, London

                                     Pop-Up Exhibition of Flowers Gallery Artists, Hong Kong

2016                    Self-Portraiture in the 21st Century, Piano Nobile, London

                                     Small is Beautiful, Flowers, Cork Street, London

2015                    What On Earth, Falmouth Art Gallery

                                     Silent Movies, curated by Cedric Christie and Vanya Balogh, Q Park, London

    Withiel Sculpture Park featuring Nicola Hicks, Lemon Street Gallery, London

2014.                   Reflections of War, Flowers Kingsland Road, London

2013                    Universal Addressability of Dumb Things, Hayward Touring, The Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.

                                  Nottingham Contemporary, De La Warr Pavillion.

                                  Stranger and Exhibition of Self Portraits, Flowers Gallery Kingsland Road.

2012                    Angela Flowers at 80, Flowers, London 12 British Artists, Flowers, New-York

2010                    Exhibitionism, The art of Display, The Courtauld Institute of Art, London

                                  Standing Room Only, Flowers Kingsland Road

2009                    Animals Contemporary Vision, Martin Institute, Turin, Italy

2006                    Drawing Inspiration, Abbot Hall Gallery, Kendal

2005                    Paintings for Tyringham Hall

                                   Contemporary Nudes, Flowers East, London

2004                    Heads, Catmose Gallery, Rutland

                                   Life Vividly Lived, Inishturkbeg, Flowers Central, London

2003                    Presence, Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln

                                   Sculpture in the Park, 2004, Durham

                                   NAKED, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

                                   Birds, Flowers Graphics, London

2002                    5th Anniversary Exhibition, Flowers West, California

                                   Sterling Stuff, Touring Exhibition, Gallery Pangolin, Stroud, Royal Academy, London and Ashbourne Gallery, Derbyshire

2001                    Mirror-Mirror, Self Portraits by Women Artists, National Portrait Gallery, London

2000                    Angela Flowers Gallery 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Flowers East, London

                                   Holland Park Sculpture Exhibition

                                   Wild Tigers of Bandhavgarh – The Burrell Collection

                                   Nicola Hicks at Newby Hall, Yorkshire

1999                    The Pleasure of Influence, Sculpture in the Garden, Deans Court, Wimbourne, Dorset

                                   The Shape of the Century-100 years of sculpture in Britain, Salisbury Cathedral; Canary Wharf, London

                                   Animal Crackers at Virgin Gatwick

                                   2 Nude Drawings, Artmonsky Art

                                   1998 Six Chapel Row Gallery – self portraits

                                   British Figurative Art: Drawings for sculptures

                                   Galerie Rachlin Lemarié Beaubourg, Paris

                                   Crusaid, Edinburgh

                                   Animal Pride (charity Animal Aid), Slaughterhouse Gallery, London

                                   British Figurative Art Part 2: Sculpture, Flowers East, London

1997                     Nicola Hicks Arts Initiative

                                   Angela Flowers Gallery 1997, Flowers East at London Fields, London

                                   Marking Presences, ArtSway, Hampshire

                                   Foundations of Fame, The London Institute

                                   Print, Riverside Studios, London

                                   Blue Cross Centenary Exhibition, Sotheby’s, London

                                   The Body Politic, Wolverhampton Art Gallery

1996                     The Hare, The City Gallery, Leicester

                                   Making a Mark: The Figure, Mall Galleries, London

                                   Naked, Flowers East at London Fields, London

                                   Mixed Christmas Show, New Grafton Gallery, London

                                   Current Issues, Royal College of Art, London

                                   Steve Marlow Markovitch Gallery

                                   Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd

                                   Belloc Lowndes Fine Art

                                   Angela Flowers Gallery (Ireland) Inc., Co. Cork

1995                     Atrium Gallery, Coopers & Lybrand, London

                                   Twenty Fifth Anniversary Exhibition, Flowers East at London Fields

                                   The Economist Student Summer Exhibitions 1985-1995, London

                                   Flowers at Koplin, Koplin Gallery, Los Angeles

1994                     Inner Visions, Flowers East, London

                                   Dialogue with the Other, Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik, Odense, Denmark Norrkopings Museum, Norrkopings, Sweden

                                   The Downeen Decade, Angela Flowers (Ireland) Inc., Co. Cork

                                   2nd RWA Open Sculpture Exhibition 1994, Bristol (invited artist)

1993                     Fish, Gainsborough’s House, Suffolk

                                   Drawing Towards Sculpture, ISIS Gallery and Art Institute, Leigh-On-Sea

                                   1st RWA Open Sculpture Exhibition 1993, Bristol (Morris Singer Award) CAS Market, Smith’s Gallery, London

1992                     Millfield British 20th Century Sculpture Exhibition

1991                     Inaugural exhibition, Lannon Cole Gallery, Chicago

                                   Noah’s Ark, The Minories Gallery, Colchester

                                   The Downeen Collection, Angela Flowers (Ireland) Inc., Co. Cork

1990                     Sculptors’ Drawings, Cleveland Bridge Gallery, Bath

                                   The Drawings Show, Thumb Gallery, London

                                   Bryan Kneale’s Choice, Dover Street Arts Club, London

                                   The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London

1989                     Daley, Hicks, Jeffries, Jones, Kirby, Lewis, Flowers East, London

                                   Angela Flowers Gallery 1970-1990, Concourse Gallery, Barbican Centre

1988                     Hakone Open Air Museum, Japan, (British representative)

                                   Rocket 6 – 1, The Economist Building, London

                                   Veksolund Udstilling for Sculpture, Copenhagen

                                   Out of Clay, Manchester City Art Gallery

1987                     Henry Moore Memorial Exhibition, India, (series of lectures and workshops)

                                   Edinburgh Festival Show, The Scottish Gallery, Scotland

                                   Art in the City, Lloyds Building, London

                                   Cats, Louise Hallett Gallery, London

                                   Process and Product, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh

1986                     Works in Clay, Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London

                                   Sixteen, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

                                   The Living Art Pavillion, Ideal Home Exhibition, London

                                   The Human Zoo, Castle Museum, Nottingham

                                   The Bretton Menagerie, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield

                                   Antithesis, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

1985                     Prelude, Kettles Yard, Cambridge

                                   Hayward Annual, Hayward Gallery, London

                                   Economart, Public Art Development Trust, London

                                   ’85 Show, Serpentine Gallery, London

                                   Menagerie, Ramsgate Library

                                   British Art, Printemps, Paris

                                   CAS Market, Smith’s Gallery, London

                                   Inaugural Exhibition, Damon Brandt Gallery, New York

1984                     International Garden Festival, Liverpool: Sculpture Garden

1983                     Portland Clifftops Sculpture Park

                                   Sculptural Drawings, Ruskin College, Oxford                                   

1982                     Christie’s Inaugural Graduate Exhibition, London


                                   Art Chicago

                                   Art Central Hong Hong

                                   Art Cologne

                                   Art Madrid

                                   Art Miami

                                   Art Palm Beach

                                   Cornice Art Fair, Venice

                                   Print Basel

                                   IFPDA Park Avenue Armoury, New York

                                   The Gulf Art Fair, Dubai

                                   Metro Toronto Art Fair

                                   Shanghai Art Fair



                                   Monument to the Brown Dog, Battersea Park


                                   Arthur Andersen Brentwood High School, Essex

                                   Castle Museum, Norwich

                                   Chase Manhattan Bank

                                   Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

                                   Contemporary Art Society Coopers & Lybrand

                                   Djanogly Art Gallery, The University of Nottingham Arts Centre

                                   Drumcroon Education Centre, Wigan

                                   Government Art Collection

                                   Hakone Open Air Museum

                                   Huddersfield Art Gallery

                                   Ipswich County Council



                                   Brentwood High School

                                   Residency at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

                                   Manchester City Art Gallery: Work on site for Out of Clay

                                   New York Academy, New York


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